Muta-Morfoz / Muta-Morphosis Murat Germen

"Muta-morphosis series fits contents of multiple glances into one. These photographs are of documentary kind, there is no conscious insertion or removal of any details during post-production; mere components that disappear are the ones that get lost in horizontal compression. The photographical expression in the series is actually a synopsis of piecemeal words that remain in my mind during the visits to various cities. In  other words, it is like a video footage that includes jerky movements of a typical stop-motion study that has dropped frames and no smooth continuity. The lack of a single perspectival structure due to multiplicity of perspectives after panoramic imaging, can be linked to Ottoman miniatures, which in turn, connects the global contemporary representation to its local traditional counterpart."


Shake It Off outtakes.
"I’m not fitting in, one of these things is not like the other. We had these incredible ballerinas who can just do everything with their bodies and me who can do relatively nothing with mine. […] And I’m essentially doing all the worst mom and dad moves you could ever think of in the midst of these incredibly disciplined, beautiful, sophisticated creatures. It’s heaven."